How it works?

Newscafe fetches a bunch of important RSS feeds and ranks the links by number of shares on Facebook. It can be much more with better sources and interesting metadata gathered from different services people use.

Who made it? Why?

Newscafe is made by Lucian Marin. It is part of Subcafe platform where the main app is Sub, the social network. Newscafe is made for busy people who don't want to spent more than a few minutes getting the most important news of the day.

What's the tech?

Newscafe is a Flask app. It uses feedparser, requests, rom, Redis and Facebook API. It isn't database driven for good reasons. Instead it uses a buffer for the last 48 hours.

API /newscafe Endpoint

Newscafe articles sorted by number of Facebook shares.

API /recent Endpoint

Recent articles sorted by time they were published.